Beside the Rainbow

Like the sparkling stars during the mystery of the darkened night,
we will always be here for you, to share and spread our light.

Our flame never extinguishes, our ember never fades,
our love never weakens and our endorsement can never vanish or be open for trades.

Step by step we wandered by your side
and little by little reaching out even when you wanted to hide.

We've watched the different paths you’ve walked along your life,
always supporting your choices, even at times when walking on the edge of the knife.

We have danced beside you in the moments of exuberant joyfulness,
and gently holding your back when troubled, feeling down or feeling less.

Gracefully drying your tears when falling down from your cheeks,
and through our endless infinite love giving you the energy to rebuild and move on the endless seek.

Every time with knowledge and insights to bring to the future ahead,
sometimes not aware of how you’ve actually been led.

At times it takes a while before you realize the lesson just learnt,
and patiently we wait for you to see the enlightenment you successfully earnt. 

Just like the wind that gently moves the green filled branches of the summer trees,
we blow our loving butterfly kisses around your body and soul like a summer breeze.

Filling your mind and senses with every colour there are,
for you to absorb and use when tired of the colour of char.

Use them well and use them often
and allow them to sweeten your life like the candied cotton.

Close your eyes and turn off the outer violence,
find your inner peace and find the silence.

That’s where we can meet to deepen our friendship,
and in spiritual togetherness take a big magical sip.

A sip of the heavenly golden wine,
to celebrate the adventure, to celebrate the divine.

Please stop chasing the rainbow, just sit down here beside,
let your soul embrace the flow, and let's take another ride.